May 7, 2012

If only i could kill them !!

I hate to talk abt this ,but have no choice.You might have noticed mainly two things being discussed in almost all the forms of mass media- one would be our ever corrupt ,popularity-seeking,gibbering politicians and other would be about different forms of injustice faced by females, caused by the two letter inferior males(who are not just inferior by two letters but also by one brain ,one heart etc..the least to mention).
Okey, all of them are not like that ,thank god ! we ve been blessed with the ability to differentiate ,but hey ! people bitten by a stray dog tend to have a sense of fear towards all the dogs ,through out their lives.  ( analogy not intended ..poor dogs !they would do good if vaccinated)
When i hear about female feticide  , i only feel happy for those babies 'cos their mission in this hell is so thankfully short lived, imagine them living with people full of evil in them, all through out their lives,its better to get killed ,if you ask me!
what troubles me even more is the rising number of eve teasing , rape and molestation cases .Victims range right from a seven month old baby to a seventy year old women.I wonder whats really wrong with the opposite gender apart from everything that's wrong with them.
Had i been a cop or if ever i had a chance with the gun..i would have killed all those blackguards !
I generally divert myself from thinking abt it, 'cos the fact that i cant do much abt it ,makes me feel powerless and that drives me insane.
But today i just couldn't resist writing abt it after watching Vijay TV's Neeya? Naana?,where the topic of discussion was whether is it the way women dress or is it the men who really are to be blamed for eve teasing. It was shocking to hear most of the men say that they couldn't resist their urge to tease or touch a women ,when she wears western outfits or when she's physically rich.
Not just that,they even justified their act saying that's natural. Ho really ?! you know,i call it " libido incontinence ",and its NOT NATURAL!
women are from Venus and few men are from Hell !
Dear mindless male ,
A girl wearing leggins or say a clinging or may be a revealing outfit is definitely awkward to look at ,but it isn't an open invitation for your much valued comments or your slimy hands,you contemptible idiot !! Do gals gape at you for wearing nothing but boxer shorts or low hip jean with half your inner staring out ? Well NO,they oly put up a wry face .
But you?? Shame on you !
The environment in which u are brought up in , your lack of sense-of-control and as such the basic sense ,makes you shamelessly blaming a women for your mistake.
When you see a gal dressing inappropriately ,think of her as your sister or mother ,by that way ,you ll flinch from watching her and sometimes even end up advising . But if you ve got a big problem of viewing everything as inappropriate ,i think its your thinking that is !
 gals too need to know 
I do blame gals for their dressing sense and mindlessly aping someones style . One thing the gals shd know is to dress ,having their figure in mind .A dress may look good on someone ,but it doesn't mean that you ll look good in it .Moreover, i hate this perception thats prevalent among many that  modern attires make one modern. hey gals listen ! its your thinking that needs to be modern ,not the
attire. At this juncture ,i have to admit that once i too was a moron like many ,a sheep following the herd,but i learnt my lesson .
I only wish gals start dressing sensibly .
next time you encounter a shameless scoundrel , dont wait to give a good use to ur sandals or even better ,heels.One doesn't need  a gun , a pepper spray or a deo spray aimed at the eye ,is more than enough ! 

February 16, 2012


As the clock struck 12,on a moon lit night ,i heard a buzz .nope,it wasn't my phone.two mosquitoes were celebrating valentine's day.
They were enjoying their romantic night feeding on my B +ve blood,while I was trying to 'be-positive' about celebrating SOME valentine's day in future.May be like them ,but definitely without them(Narayana! intha kosu tholla thaanga mudiyala!).With some respect towards love and valentine's day ,i let them ALL WIN for one night.
Dream of getting struck by a cupids arrow ,one only gets struck by a mosquitoes proboscis! Sigh!

November 27, 2011


one day u start hating this whole life of urs.every romantic rain drop turns out to be a chill prick of pain and every pleasant sunny morning would seem like a hot irritating just gets will almost look like you dont know the reason behind all the ill feelings.all that you thought as your achievement would seem like the face of an ordinary and all that you wanted to achieve ,would become unseemly.the crush u tried to impress all the time would look like the stupidest joke of ur life.
every word from every mouth would suck and the worldly life would prove to be a waste of time.

Many people cope with situations like these by venting their anger by expectorating words that have been imprinted in their brains as bad.few others express the suppressed fury in the form of physical violence ,which can have classified targets.
there are some who smoke and there are some who drink and there are some who believe that listening to music would help.
by the end of all these relinquishing ,they end up crying and sadness prevails.

yet there is this big hole that would never fill up with any amount of anything.the more you try to shy away from it,the more it pulls,just like a black hole.

to understand this great tree of ill-feelings,u travel down to explore the roots that are so firmly grounded.all u find is resentment ,indignation,envy,rancor and bitterness.
just as u do all this ,u find that there is more than a root cause to it.all this only adds up to the pile of hatred .
the questions that were never asked,fearing the unavailability of answers ,props up and the whole thing makes u dizzy and u either safely end up on ur bed or somewhere in the hospital or in a meta state.

Anger and hatred are like the unavoidable labyrinth of our life..if u accidentally get into it,it becomes really difficult to find a way out and in the dew course ,few ppl desperately try coming out of it by trying to burn down the tall haze and eventually they burn along with it.
and there are few ,who are still trying to get out !!!

October 4, 2011


Quite impressed with my new blogger .very spacious ,blank white space of nothing that worries you.really feels wonderful to write ,empty my heart :)
So..back to emptying my late i have started having a philosophical view towards everything that's happening.And i feel quite content with it too.
I sometimes ponder about why i pursue this habit of blogging .
come on! i am not grossing anything from this and neither do i care about who reads it .yet i write something here like as if am sharing something with a friend ,somewhere in this world.Its indeed question i am bothered to ask right now is
so where do you find happiness?
nope ,am not being an art of living guru here ! but yet i wanna ask someone ,only to explain them that its in them ...yeah it gets all mokkai and boring after this! i know :O so were Paulo Coelho's books. But when you really try to seek something ,everything becomes interesting.
now where on the world is happiness boss? its in your pacifying answers to your heart .
you are your boss n you decide what makes you happy. if somebody doesn't understand your perception ,then let understanding yourselves be your inception (hows the rhyming? ;P ) towards the path of happiness .
I would die to quote what my friend was saying the other day
you might be surrounded by many people from your lives but it should be understood that everything is transient.
even your shadow doesn't follow you when its dark ! Take a cue from Lord Krishna's life ,he is associated with
many but yet he is alone and that makes him the god !
So,all i wanna say is Be your own GOD and seek happiness in all you think and let your brain be the RAM for worries and ROM for happiness !! ...

March 27, 2011

Dont read !

Its really strange to know strangers and their characters.With every individual i get to know ,i get a freebie of challenges.Don't come to a conclusion that i am this pathetic girl with rejected feelings of love.Am more interested in writing about vijay films than anything like that.So,lets get back to what i was what seems to be the meaningless three years of college life,i have a better knowledge about people and their mental problems than engines and engineering.each one of them is crafted so different but yet all are so much the same.I ve always thought of astrologers as intelligent ppl ,for they know the easiest way to earn their living by predicting the "never more obvious" human life.In almost most of the problems i ve witnessed ,been a part of and never really cared about..the one whos the cause is never the villan but the one who takes care to solve it, is.
Some common things almost all will feel like mentioning:
*i am always good but i donno y on the whole world are others sowww bad??
*i never care to know about my neighbors..but i know their story full n full.
*i am intelligent than every one,i am just lazy you know!!
*am never jealous but i cant bare the sight of few ppl njoying!
and many more .but the most difficult one to digest is when every body gets hypocritical here.
i would call it as my own man vs wild edition .and with the type of ppl i get to be ,i think i can write volumes and volumes of stories that could be screened in our very own sun tv for many years together.
many can relate to it.I am so amazed by the fact that Darwins theories are more relatable to humans than animals .
one things for sure ,if your confused with whether the ppl around you are good or bad-always remember "never jump to conclusions cos life's never ending until it really ends!"
dont dig more ..the more you dig a bag of used clothes ,the more it stinks.

October 25, 2010

Dream boy

was on my way back from college in a bus which seemed rickety for no good reason until i nearly fell down just to my surprise to be grabbed by an arm which seemed like crafted out of sandal wood. An unknown amount of electromagnetic current passed through me defying faradays laws.his palms were so soft that even rose petals would envy.with an irresistible urge my eyes made a contact with those bright beady blackberry floating in the middle of a milky ocean ,whose beauty subdued even that of moons.A feeling that seemed potted for years together started outpouring to eventually cause floods that carried me away before i could see his face properly.
Argh..why cant dreams be complete??But its ok if after all, they were meant to continue in real !