July 9, 2010

raining dreams!!

it was a gloomy rainy afternoon and a half n hour wait for the physics period to get over.no one was in a mood to listen to the laws of physics.many were either sleeping cozily or were waiting for the bell to pave a way to the most favourite hour of the day "THE LUNCH HOUR".but unfortunately ,the clock was annoyingly slow .guess,even it was lazy to tick.half n hour seemed like half my life and all i could hear was the music of my grumbling stomach.Akin to a thirsty traveler having hallucinations of spotting an oasis in the middle of the desert,my eyes were deceiving me.a pair of concentric circles in three dimension seemed like 'medhu vadai' and schematic diagram of a fiber optic cable looked like 'finger chips'.my hunger was driving my imagination so crazy that even the lecturers bobtail (hairstyle) seemed like a burnt bun ,though wouldn't feel like eating one.
after minutes which seemed like ages,the siren went.yup,the same way it is in jail!
the class which was as silent as a grave yard,sprang to life.every one were running out of the room like as if it was on fire,but actually i surmise that it was their stomachs.the kilometers that separated our class rooms from the mess halls passed off as centimeters .Alas,my dream of having the soft crispy medhu vadai came true with added surprises in the form of sambar and green chattney .As my hand caressed its texture and closed my eyes to get a pleasurable whiff of the sumptuous thing.Some grumpy voice interrupted me and to my dismay ,my eyes opened to witness a women .who i initially thought had come to serve a decoction coffee but later found out that she was my professor who entrusted me with a detention copy for sleeping during class hours! luckily i didn't ask for anything extra stong!!


CRD said...

nice blog. loved the background pic.

That was a nice post. However, there were a few grammatical errors and misuse of words...for example, the word "alas" is used to portray an event that has not gone the way you'd have liked it.

eg: I thought I'd top the class rolls, but alas, it was not to be.

Keep blogging

CRD said...


sowmy said...

thank you for ur regards.
will definitely correct myself.
BTW ,am quite informal in my blog space and 'alas' was my lazy use of at last. but i do know its other meaning.