October 4, 2011


Quite impressed with my new blogger .very spacious ,blank white space of nothing that worries you.really feels wonderful to write ,empty my heart :)
So..back to emptying my heart.off late i have started having a philosophical view towards everything that's happening.And i feel quite content with it too.
I sometimes ponder about why i pursue this habit of blogging .
come on! i am not grossing anything from this and neither do i care about who reads it .yet i write something here like as if am sharing something with a friend ,somewhere in this world.Its indeed satisfying.one question i am bothered to ask right now is
so where do you find happiness?
nope ,am not being an art of living guru here ! but yet i wanna ask someone ,only to explain them that its in them ...yeah it gets all mokkai and boring after this! i know :O so were Paulo Coelho's books. But when you really try to seek something ,everything becomes interesting.
now where on the world is happiness boss? its in you..in your pacifying answers to your heart .
you are your boss n you decide what makes you happy. if somebody doesn't understand your perception ,then let understanding yourselves be your inception (hows the rhyming? ;P ) towards the path of happiness .
I would die to quote what my friend was saying the other day
you might be surrounded by many people from your lives but it should be understood that everything is transient.
even your shadow doesn't follow you when its dark ! Take a cue from Lord Krishna's life ,he is associated with
many but yet he is alone and that makes him the god !
So,all i wanna say is Be your own GOD and seek happiness in all you think and let your brain be the RAM for worries and ROM for happiness !! ...


sriram said...

Nice.. Thanks for sharing this :)

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Good one...:):)

sowmy said...

now i know as to y it rained :)