November 27, 2011


one day u start hating this whole life of urs.every romantic rain drop turns out to be a chill prick of pain and every pleasant sunny morning would seem like a hot irritating just gets will almost look like you dont know the reason behind all the ill feelings.all that you thought as your achievement would seem like the face of an ordinary and all that you wanted to achieve ,would become unseemly.the crush u tried to impress all the time would look like the stupidest joke of ur life.
every word from every mouth would suck and the worldly life would prove to be a waste of time.

Many people cope with situations like these by venting their anger by expectorating words that have been imprinted in their brains as bad.few others express the suppressed fury in the form of physical violence ,which can have classified targets.
there are some who smoke and there are some who drink and there are some who believe that listening to music would help.
by the end of all these relinquishing ,they end up crying and sadness prevails.

yet there is this big hole that would never fill up with any amount of anything.the more you try to shy away from it,the more it pulls,just like a black hole.

to understand this great tree of ill-feelings,u travel down to explore the roots that are so firmly grounded.all u find is resentment ,indignation,envy,rancor and bitterness.
just as u do all this ,u find that there is more than a root cause to it.all this only adds up to the pile of hatred .
the questions that were never asked,fearing the unavailability of answers ,props up and the whole thing makes u dizzy and u either safely end up on ur bed or somewhere in the hospital or in a meta state.

Anger and hatred are like the unavoidable labyrinth of our life..if u accidentally get into it,it becomes really difficult to find a way out and in the dew course ,few ppl desperately try coming out of it by trying to burn down the tall haze and eventually they burn along with it.
and there are few ,who are still trying to get out !!!

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