May 7, 2012

If only i could kill them !!

I hate to talk abt this ,but have no choice.You might have noticed mainly two things being discussed in almost all the forms of mass media- one would be our ever corrupt ,popularity-seeking,gibbering politicians and other would be about different forms of injustice faced by females, caused by the two letter inferior males(who are not just inferior by two letters but also by one brain ,one heart etc..the least to mention).
Okey, all of them are not like that ,thank god ! we ve been blessed with the ability to differentiate ,but hey ! people bitten by a stray dog tend to have a sense of fear towards all the dogs ,through out their lives.  ( analogy not intended ..poor dogs !they would do good if vaccinated)
When i hear about female feticide  , i only feel happy for those babies 'cos their mission in this hell is so thankfully short lived, imagine them living with people full of evil in them, all through out their lives,its better to get killed ,if you ask me!
what troubles me even more is the rising number of eve teasing , rape and molestation cases .Victims range right from a seven month old baby to a seventy year old women.I wonder whats really wrong with the opposite gender apart from everything that's wrong with them.
Had i been a cop or if ever i had a chance with the gun..i would have killed all those blackguards !
I generally divert myself from thinking abt it, 'cos the fact that i cant do much abt it ,makes me feel powerless and that drives me insane.
But today i just couldn't resist writing abt it after watching Vijay TV's Neeya? Naana?,where the topic of discussion was whether is it the way women dress or is it the men who really are to be blamed for eve teasing. It was shocking to hear most of the men say that they couldn't resist their urge to tease or touch a women ,when she wears western outfits or when she's physically rich.
Not just that,they even justified their act saying that's natural. Ho really ?! you know,i call it " libido incontinence ",and its NOT NATURAL!
women are from Venus and few men are from Hell !
Dear mindless male ,
A girl wearing leggins or say a clinging or may be a revealing outfit is definitely awkward to look at ,but it isn't an open invitation for your much valued comments or your slimy hands,you contemptible idiot !! Do gals gape at you for wearing nothing but boxer shorts or low hip jean with half your inner staring out ? Well NO,they oly put up a wry face .
But you?? Shame on you !
The environment in which u are brought up in , your lack of sense-of-control and as such the basic sense ,makes you shamelessly blaming a women for your mistake.
When you see a gal dressing inappropriately ,think of her as your sister or mother ,by that way ,you ll flinch from watching her and sometimes even end up advising . But if you ve got a big problem of viewing everything as inappropriate ,i think its your thinking that is !
 gals too need to know 
I do blame gals for their dressing sense and mindlessly aping someones style . One thing the gals shd know is to dress ,having their figure in mind .A dress may look good on someone ,but it doesn't mean that you ll look good in it .Moreover, i hate this perception thats prevalent among many that  modern attires make one modern. hey gals listen ! its your thinking that needs to be modern ,not the
attire. At this juncture ,i have to admit that once i too was a moron like many ,a sheep following the herd,but i learnt my lesson .
I only wish gals start dressing sensibly .
next time you encounter a shameless scoundrel , dont wait to give a good use to ur sandals or even better ,heels.One doesn't need  a gun , a pepper spray or a deo spray aimed at the eye ,is more than enough ! 


preets said...

Rightly Said! World over women has always faced the brunt of things.. We are at a disadvantageous position at any and many no. of situations.
And you don't need me to iterate how a certain view bad world over is 1000 times worse in India...
Everyone (world over) knows India is a patriarchal society deeply immersed in Feudalism.

Prabha said...

U r becoming better at blogging Sowmya :):) Its really awesome that u've began to raise social issues :):) Cheers baby :)

sowmy said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Agree !