April 19, 2010

superstition unplugged!!

how caring can a mom get?? well in my case its too much.i better be careful and make it clear that am not complaining ,but just complimenting . praise lord ,praise moms!!
hailing from a highly cultural society ,we Indians believe in everything.there is no need for the scientists to find out anti-matter to prove the fact that there exists both angels and demons in this world,as we Indians knew it long back even before formulating a hypothesis for the same.
"so what? what has it to do with ur mom ?" would be the question u might be asking.well ,what i am trying to complain is the superstitious nature ,which our ancestors have imbibed in her.its a very common case all over India.
it would really sound ludicrous.u sneeze or suffer from sudden dry cough or even have hiccups ,they will all blame it on our pitiable grandparents in the heaven for blessing and thinking about us.but we alone will know that it wasn't our grandpa or granny ,but a stealthy drench when it was rainy.leave alone that,
call it karma? crows are always in the good books of superstition for whatever unintended act they do.even if it shouts like an obnoxious mad one,people get excited that they will have guests ,instead of shooing it away for disturbing their kids (who are studying sincerely!) ;)
but the most worrisome and enviable part would be when they make umpteen number of sumptuous dishes to serve the crows, when humans get served only hastily strewn dishes even on their birthdays.i know that this is very common,and many out there are showering their empathy in this regard.
but not many would have endured what i did.one day i accidentally disclosed to my mom that i had a nightmare obviously while i was sleeping.having discussed with all the chief CBI officers(grannies from my whole neighborhood),ultimately the case was closed by zeroing down upon the main terror suspect- "the evil spirit". from then on getting up every morning has become a nightmare for me,to find out broomsticks and slippers right besides the bed.The very first time i witnessed this,i really thought that i had developed a sleep-walking habit and thus ended up sleeping in the store room.little did i know that it was only the usual bedroom.not just my bedroom,even my forehead was adorned with vermilion and holy-ash makeup.happy that it atleast stopped with that!
so closing message to Gen-next from a sleepless citizen-
shun the superstition and get some life!!


Manorath said...

Embrace these supersitions.. There can be nothing more entertaining than appreciating the immense imaginative powers these stories are spun with.. After all, this gave some fodder for your blog page.. Be grateful girl! :P

Sindhu said...

sowmya after reading u r post i really reeeally broke in2 uncontrollable loud laughter where everyone around me stared at me as if they r watching an alien screaming. nice one. well i2 face these type of overprotected sutiations in my life where my mother places rusted nails knives under my bed and a small axe is next 2 my pillow making a thives work more easy. rubbing kg kajal on my foot sole.at laaaaaaaaast i really miss her. sob sob sob sob.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

sowmy said...

i totally agree with you Manorath n
@Sindhu-happy that i made someone laugh n yeah ,no surprise to know that a same thing happened to you :)