November 23, 2009

my intentions are different

i try to go by like i never knew u
am awake but ma worlds half asleep

seems as if u have heard this somewhere right??well may be if u were a back street boys fan ,u surely would have guessed that its from their song INCOMPLETE.
huh...scrupling feelings made me proclaim this to my crazy Christ mom ,when she asked me to write a poem on because i blabber some peter shit,it doesn't mean that i can write poems!
ok let me stop deviating as its my mind way of doing things. this excerpt mentioned above some how speaks the truth abt my college life.i keep murmuring this one whenever i see my lecturer (cha..naughty kid! i know what ur thinking).u c i mean it in a different way.
"i try to go by like i never know u"
now i mean that even if i know him/her ,i don't waana wish them and get recognized(which would jeopardize my hard earned title "THE SILENT MISCHIEF MAKER")nah..not even tat famous pleasing smile of mine would be spent!!
all i give them is a blank expression which makes them go nervous at times.

n through this "am awake but ma worlds half asleep" i assert that though i pretend to be wide awake n attentive ,actually speaking my worlds asleep .not just HALF asleep but its TOTALLY asleep.i do this pretending act to make them feel satisfied that at least one soul is listening to them.
duh..dont blame me for my benevolent servicing attitude plz..
bow u! gracias señoras y señores!! :)


sriram said...

typical student activity... i am reminded of an incident when i avoided eye contact to one of my lecturers, he called me bac and scolded me for not wishing him :P

mystery.s said...

hey congrats ! i feel very proud of u!way to go...

preets said...

Padips :P.You are trying to play safe.I understand coz I do that sometimes too.But after sometime, you can't Act anymore.It especially doesn't help when you are a straight forward person... you know like "Mind Over Heart".

karti said...

The one who doesn't follow these things are definitely not fit to be a student!!! And i accept that u are a real student(of st.joseph's)....and also fit to be my