April 15, 2009

unforgettable part1

It was a good warm cloudy evening,i sat by a cup of tea.i was not my usual self,it was evident from the fact that i was reluctant to engage my mind in drinking it!!!
so what was that thought which was running like a flood in the veins of my brain??..
well it was nothing but the chain of events that happened to me that day!!
i admit it to u-i suffer from a chronic problem of thinking about what others would've thought about me. i know it doesn't help but i cant help but keep surmising about what others might have thought about me.
bad bloody embarrassing things happen to this visibly extrovert but totally introvert teen!
in spite of sharing her embarrassing moments with all of them she knew..that pain still refused to leave her heart..thus she decided to puke it into her blog..
"It was one fine morning n i ended up getting lil late than usual at 6.25 am (IST) because i had to do some last minute late night study for a engg.chemistry exam.
it took some 15 min to get ready to leave to the college..n i rushed out from my house to the bus stop..PAUSE..before that my mom was really pestering me to have some coffee,lest i would faint for having an empty stomach n overworked brain ;)
the coffee was annoyingly very hot ,so i refused to drink.but i donno y but that day i really couldnt figure out what went wrong wid my mom..that she came up with an idea of packaging that steaming coffee in a tupperwear pet bottle..having stunned by her affection ,i too carried it in my backpack ..RETURNing to the bus stop scene..the bus had already started leaving n i as usual brought it to a halt n was gettin into it and i suddenly heard a pop..perplexed about where the sound was from..to my dismay i found that it was from the tupperwear which my mom had sent.
the eager steam from that lava hot coffee caused all the disaster by helping the tupperwear lid to skyrocket a projectile distance all the way out of my bus.that was not just the bloody thing that happened.this was followed by showering some drops of coffee on my fellow bus mates who happened to never notice it though(thick skinned i guess ;))having already come late to the bus ,i din want to stop the driver n enjoy the privilege of searching for the cap.thus was forced to drink the coffee in front of some 50 odd ppl.my luck(:0) the bus was full n i was forced to sit on the foot-board (center stage!!)n all those around were wondering what i was drinking inspite of having their exams to study for.had a hellova time then.but atleast the exam that day turned out lucky" phew....crazy tales n their surprise gales
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........they r killing me!!!!


preets said...

hey we all suffer from OCD! It's only just about how efficiently you control your OCD in front of others ;)

mystery.s said...

i kinda can guess what OCD is but still jus wanna know what it is actually..