June 14, 2008

Beautiful Rain

"hey come out and enjoy!"said me to my sis,totally unperturbed of my mother's yellings at me for getting drenched in the rain.
It was late summer and the rain clouds had already crowded in the sky,showering pearl like water drops on the earth.
Along with the trees i too rejoiced in the rain.
The sweet smell of wet mud rubbed my nose after a long time.none of my cousins joined me at that heavenly moment,fearing that they would catch cold.All alone i enjoyed myself by standing with my eyes closed,it felt like as if i was on top of the heavens.
The music of the rain along with the rhythmic sounds of thunder seemed like rock music to me but suddenly i heard a baritone voice calling me just like the one of Shaggy.
Excited by it i opened my eyes to see my brother ,peeping at me through his anti glare coated glasses.Mistaking him to an UFO with square green eyes, i screamed and ran away before i could realise that i had been dreaming.


Anonymous said...

even i wishd 2 be lik u...but r fate we r accomodated in a city wich hardly xperience rain.anyway gud thought

Anonymous said...

You dream of RAIN!? Go get some life! There are much nicer things out there & you childishly dream of getting drenched in rain?!
I mean you need to be little more of an "extrovert" sort of a person.

sowmya said...

thank you 'anonymous'person for your comments.i can be an introvert only here!

preets said...

It hardly rains here & if it rains it's not natural or dreamy which you would expect only in Ooty or Kodaikanal.I understand your craving & the type of "clean rain" you are talking about!
But Chennai can give you only dirty & toxicated rain.

sowmya said...

yes...yes ur right!

Selva GK said...

Dream..the whole think is dream..! great! hey dont dream ,when ur wake..LOL