March 27, 2011

Dont read !

Its really strange to know strangers and their characters.With every individual i get to know ,i get a freebie of challenges.Don't come to a conclusion that i am this pathetic girl with rejected feelings of love.Am more interested in writing about vijay films than anything like that.So,lets get back to what i was what seems to be the meaningless three years of college life,i have a better knowledge about people and their mental problems than engines and engineering.each one of them is crafted so different but yet all are so much the same.I ve always thought of astrologers as intelligent ppl ,for they know the easiest way to earn their living by predicting the "never more obvious" human life.In almost most of the problems i ve witnessed ,been a part of and never really cared about..the one whos the cause is never the villan but the one who takes care to solve it, is.
Some common things almost all will feel like mentioning:
*i am always good but i donno y on the whole world are others sowww bad??
*i never care to know about my neighbors..but i know their story full n full.
*i am intelligent than every one,i am just lazy you know!!
*am never jealous but i cant bare the sight of few ppl njoying!
and many more .but the most difficult one to digest is when every body gets hypocritical here.
i would call it as my own man vs wild edition .and with the type of ppl i get to be ,i think i can write volumes and volumes of stories that could be screened in our very own sun tv for many years together.
many can relate to it.I am so amazed by the fact that Darwins theories are more relatable to humans than animals .
one things for sure ,if your confused with whether the ppl around you are good or bad-always remember "never jump to conclusions cos life's never ending until it really ends!"
dont dig more ..the more you dig a bag of used clothes ,the more it stinks.

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